September 29

how many shots in a fifth



We are going to answer a question about how many shots at a fifth well, to you who now how to shrink or sometimes people during, you know, during the devil quote, uh, they usually use the terms off shots. Okay. So this one, I need to answer this question because it’s, it’s useful to ask the question, how many shots in a fit?

Well, this is the answer. I’ll tell you a lot, bit, uh, along with the answer these days, most bottles are 750 milliliter, which chase close to one fifth of a gallon. A gallon contains. One 28 fleet owns. So a fav or 715 milli later contains a top more than 25 ons or twenty-five one ounce shot. Of course, many use one and half arms for a standard shot, which is around 16 shots.

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