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Ever sidled up to the bar and ordered a whiskey neat? If you haven’t, liquor companies that have dumbed down their marketing – and societal norms that have kept men the gatekeepers of all things boozy, stirred and brown – are partly to blame. Despite craft cocktail and farm-to-table trends that have swept the country, many women across the United States don’t know their backside from a bourbon, scotch or rum, and are notorious for giving bartenders ill-informed drink criteria (“something fruity and not too strong, please”).

That’s no way for a smart, modern woman to live, and author Kayleigh Kulp knows it, because that used to be her! In Booze for Babes, she works to blow the lid off of the women-don’t-know-jack-about-liquor stereotype by celebrating lady bartenders, distillers and spirits experts, while also teaching tipplers how to drink better and lean into liquor like the sexy and sophisticated women they are. That’s not to say men can’t learn a thing or two, too!

Readers learn:

• Why every lady should know her liquor

• A short history of ladies’ on-again, off-again relationship with the hard stuff

• How to choose a quality gin, whiskey, rum, tequila, brandy, vodka or liqueur, and look like a badass doing it

• How to tell a marketing ploy on a label from the real deal

• How to train your palate and hone your taste

• How to mix business and booze

• How to build a well-equipped home bar

• How to entertain with spirits in a way that honors old-fashioned traditions and impresses guests

• How to set up tastings for various spirit categories

Booze for Babes isn’t just a book. It’s a movement, a must-have manual for every woman and every man with a girlfriend, wife, mother or sister who loves good food, enjoys the finer things in life, and wants to know, but is not yet savvy, about spirits.



“Don’t be fooled, Booze for Babes ain’t just for women; it’s for anyone who wants to get a firm grasp of spirits, cocktails, and all things that are potently potable, but might have been intimidated by the subjects in the past.  Kayleigh Kulp takes all the mystery out of drinks and drinking, and she does it in a wonderfully simple manner that’s very informative, and very easy to read.  Every 21 year-old should be required to read this book before they’re allowed to enter a bar.” – gaz regan, author of The Joy of Mixology

“Kulp’s engaging style and cute illustrations will keep you entertained and informed…[like] how can you tell if you’ve got a cheap spirit with glycerin (added to give it the smoothness and ‘mouth feel’ of a more expensive spirit)? What’s a good recipe for grenadine (since almost everything at the store has high-fructose corn syrup)? How do you make vermouth? What is ‘joven’ tequila?? This is the perfect book for the woman who wants to drink well, but doesn’t know where to start.” –

“When it comes to the simple act of having a drink, women are inundated by misinformation from magazines, marketers and the media. It’s no wonder that many are intimidated by the simple act of ordering a drink. Booze for Babes is a fun journey into the world of liquor and cocktails that cuts through the noise. Kayleigh Kulp never loses sight of the fact that the point of having a drink is to enjoy it.”– Marcia Simmons, co-author of DIY Cocktails: a Simple Guide for Creating Your Own Signature Drinks

“An enthusiastic manifesto brimming with solid information and advice for the curious drinker ready to graduate from Flirtinis or Vodka Tonics.”– Dave Stolte, author of Home Bar Basics (and Not-So-Basics)

“Far from a drunken feminist manifesto, Kulp’s manual…merrily dives into the history of women behind bars and asserts their rightful place in this world.”

“…Author Kayleigh Kulp is ready to be your agent of change if you let her be…[Booze for Babes]…will quickly become a must read for the Skinny Girl/whipped cream vodka set [and] is destined to turn things around for female drinkers everywhere.” –

“As I was reading [Booze for Babes] I couldn’t help but smile. First, it’s a great read and provided information that I, as a newly self-professed booze geek, didn’t even know. Second, it’s about time all women, not just the ones working in the industry, learn how to drink better.” –