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arnaud's french75bar 6_14_11-7932

How to make the perfect French 75 cocktail (hint: the way Arnaud’s of New Orleans does it)

Lately I’ve been asked quite often which drinks I’d recommend to women who are beginning to experiment with new cocktails and spirits; something that is not too boozy or bitter, since most of us have to work our palates up to those tastes and preferences. My answer? The French 75. A classic cocktail made with …continue reading


How Cacao Prieto’s Celina Perez trained her palate & learned to distill (Plus, what she’s making next)

By Chas Guy Red Hook Brooklyn has become home to several distilleries thanks to its up-and-coming food scene and plenty of warehouse space along the East River. Among them is Cacao Prieto, which began making artisan chocolate before quickly realized that producing liqueurs, then rums and whiskeys was a natural next step, given the attention to detail and careful ingredient …continue reading

Manhattan materials

How to make a Manhattan: Not your grandfather’s drink anymore

I fondly remember my grandfather drinking Manhattans when we’d go out to a restaurant with him, and my dad recalls my grandmother making them for the two of them after dinner when he was growing up. The drink’s roots trace back to the late 19th century in a bar called the Hoffman House in, you …continue reading

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Why I ditched a day at the beach for Delaware Distilling Co.

Drives have never been all that fun for me. In fact, I always thought that phrase, “it’s about the journey, not the destination,” was just a bunch of hooey. That is until a road trip recently to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Here were hubby Jay, and I driving along Highway One, staring at the vista of …continue reading

owneysrum label

How to drink rum right: A Q&A with Bridget Firtle, master distiller of Owney’s Rum

By Chas Guy Bridget Firtle is an all-around badass. The former financial analyst and owner of The Noble Experiment in Brooklyn, NY only been up and running for about seven months now, but her handcrafted rum, Owney’s, has already earned the acclaim of craft spirits enthusiasts, including my own. I sat down with Bridget to talk the creation …continue reading

Ten Pound 1

£10: A ‘neat’ spirits bar that impresses in Los Angeles

On the way back from celebrating our anniversary in Hawaii this spring, Jay and I made a pit stop in Los Angeles for the weekend to break up the flight back to the East Coast. It wound up being quite the drinks extravaganza (would you expect anything less of a gal who makes a living …continue reading

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A new bottle worth traveling to Bonaire for

Part of the reason why I love traveling is that there is a new spirit to try in just about every corner of the world. Recently, my husband Jay and I flew down to Bonaire to scuba dive for a week along the island’s calm western shore. Basically you just pack your scuba gear in …continue reading


The benefits of ordering a ‘respectable’ drink

The other day my husband, Jay and I visited a new restaurant, NoPa Kitchen + Bar, in the Penn Quarter neighborhood of Washington, D.C., where we live. Our waitress, Stephanie, gave me the kind of reaction when I ordered that reminds me of why I wrote a guide to spirits for women. When asked what …continue reading


Kings County Distillery’s Nicole Austin on why she made a ‘beefy’ bourbon & being a lady libation maker

By Chas Guy We love hearing about women flourishing in the spirits industry, and how they’re using their natural sense of curiosity, good taste and diligent work ethic to create quality products and unique imbiber experiences. It’s no surprise then that I couldn’t wait to visit Kings County Distillery, New York City’s first distillery since Prohibition, …continue reading