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Uncouth Vermouth hi-res

Bianca Miraglia of Uncouth Vermouth explains what makes good vermouth, plus how to make it yourself

Bianca Miraglia is a hedonist, through and through. The pursuit of life’s simple pleasures is why, she says, “everything i do is weird,” and that she is a “citizen of the universe.” It’s why she makes funky furniture with wine corks, teaches classes, designs wine lists for restaurants, and now, why she makes artisanal fortified …continue reading

Jen Queen is a master mezcalier and bartender at Saltbox in San Diego.

How Saltbox’s Jen Queen became a master mezcalier, plus how to make a kickass agave Penicillin cocktail

UPDATE: Jen Queen now works at San Diego’s Juniper and Ivy, which is helmed by Chef Richard Blais, winner of Bravo’s Top Chef All Stars. Check out the innovative cocktail menu! Jen Queen didn’t expect to fall in love with mezcal. It just happened. Ten years ago, she moved to San Francisco and got her first real …continue reading


Booze for Babes officially on sale! Where to buy it, plus how to make a celebratory beer cocktail

It’s official! My new book, Booze for Babes™: the Smart Woman’s Guide to Drinking Spirits Right (Hundred Proof Publishing Co., 2014), is officially on sale as of January 1. Though the title is tongue-in-cheek, it’s actually a serious spirits reference. It isn’t just a book, either–it’s a movement, a must-have manual for every woman who loves good food and …continue reading


How to drink scotch: with Jack Rose Dining Saloon’s Rachael Ewing

UPDATE: Racheal Ewing no longer works at Jack Rose Dining Saloon. She now works at the Whiskey Room at the Rí Rá Irish Pub in Georgetown. I remember exactly how I met Rachael Ewing. At a scotch tasting event this fall at Black Jack in Washington, D.C. I was standing at the bar, enjoying a Compass Box Hedonism, when Rachel sidled up next …continue reading

Georgie lo-res

How Georgie Bell became the face of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, plus where to find it in the U.S.

Georgie Bell was a bartender in Edinburg, Scotland and 20 years old when she decided that she was going to learn to like whisky. “You’re not born to like the taste of whisky. It’s like red wine, olives and coffee. Sometimes it makes you shutter because you may have had bad experiences before. But I …continue reading

jaleo dc

Drink Like a Babe: Buffalo Trace Whiskey Tasting, Food Pairing and Signing at Graffiato

Are you in the DC area, want to learn more about whiskey but don’t know where to start? Want to be able to belly up to a bar for happy hour or a business meeting and own it with knowledge about whiskey that impresses colleagues and demonstrates an appreciation for the finer things? Do you …continue reading


Camus Cognac Tasting, Sidecar Class & Book Signing at Jaleo DC

As I am gearing up for Booze for Babes’ official launch in January, please  join me for a series of cool events planned aimed at educating consumers all over the place! First up is a Camus Cognac Tasting, Sidecar Cocktail Class & Book signing at Jaleo in DC (in case you were wondering, the featured photo is of me, enjoying a lovely rose …continue reading

Sarah Peet Photography

How Carin Luna-Ostaseski started SIA Scotch from scratch

It took 10 years for Carin Luna-Ostaseski, a creative director, to take the leap from scotch enthusiast to scotch entrepreneur extraordinaire. She was tired of staring at a computer all day long and wanted to make something “tangible and that connected people. Sitting down with a friend to have a drink is the biggest form of social …continue reading


Six tips for buying cool vintage barware & glassware at thrift stores

If you’re a cocktail lover or a born hostess, it’s important to have your home bar dialed. In my book Booze for Babes I tell you exactly what you need to create a functional setup for making or serving any drink and that also doubles as décor. One of the tips I give is finding bar tools …continue reading

JAD_Bottle_10_go (2)

Why Krista Haley traded lawyering to open New Jersey’s first distillery since Prohibition (Plus, how to make a real Dark & Stormy)

When Krista Haley, an Ivy League alum and attorney, met her friend, Brant Braue, at a Fairfield, New Jersey brewery, he was dreaming of opening a distillery and she wanted a new challenge. “We both kept thinking about it and I was really tired of divorce and custody battles…everybody at the ugliest times of their …continue reading