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Master of the Hunt cocktail at Salamander Resort & Spa

Cocktail Couture: What to pair and wear in horse country & how to make the ‘Master of the Hunt’ cocktail

Recently Racked DC featured me in their Shopping Confidential column, and I revealed where in the Washington, D.C. area that I snag high design Diane Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs pieces, among other cool, one-of-a-kind finds. Vintage and thrift shopping is in my blood: it’s my stress relief, my hobby, my fun. I have always …continue reading

Neat tequila is served with a side of sangrita at Rancho Valencia.

How to make killer red and green sangrita from a SoCal spot tequila lovers MUST visit

There are perks to being an adventurous lady who knows her liquor. Like getting invited to check out Rancho Valencia, a stunning resort in Rancho Santa Fe, which is just north of San Diego. The resort just completed the last phase of its $30 million renovation by revealing a new pro shop and updated tennis …continue reading


How to make St. Regis’ signature cherry blossom cocktail & Angostura bitters peanuts

The National Cherry Blossom Festival always creates huge fanfare here in Washington, D.C. For one, it’s a sign that spring has finally begun to poke its way through the harsh and depressing winter. Two, it’s downright beautiful, and three, cherry blossom themed cocktails start popping up all over town with interesting Japanese ingredients and names that symbolize …continue reading


Lyon Distilling to host Booze for Babes signing, tasting on April 17

Jaime Windon is pretty much the definition of a babe. She’s a world traveler through her work as a journalist and the blonde photographer. She has even run a bed and breakfast. And now, with her partner Ben Lyon, she’s producing rum and whiskey as Lyon Distilling in the quaint Chesapeake Bay town of St. Michaels, Maryland. Once I found her commenting …continue reading

Johanne McInnis

The 5 biggest liquor myths, dispelled by ‘The Whisky Lassie’

I “met” Johanne McInnis via Twitter last year when she brought the controversial and sexist Dewar’s Meet the Baron ad to my attention, and petitioned to have Dewar’s pull it from the web, where I originally saw it on YouTube. They did so nearly 24 hours later, after women and men alike blasted it all …continue reading

photo 2

3 ‘hair of the dog’ hangover cures for St. Patrick’s Day

Okay, so the headline of this piece was a tad misleading because the only way to truly cure a hangover is to let the alcohol work its way naturally out of your system. But since lying around while your body carries out its fitful wrath on you is sometimes tortuous, I want to tell you …continue reading


6 things you should know before buying your next bottle of rum from Privateer’s Maggie Campbell

By Chas Guy I knew I liked rum expert Maggie Campbell the minute I met her. In the two-mile drive from the Ipswich, MA train station to the Privateer Rum distillery, where Maggie is head distiller and blender, we both dropped F-bombs right away and had each other laughing. I came to the small town about an hour outside of Boston on …continue reading

#29- What can I bring_

5 unique, boozy (and classy) bachelorette party & bridal shower ideas

Planning pre-wedding events can be a stressful experience: there are lots of personalities to make happy, many details to plan, and obligatory customs to incorporate. That’s not to mention that it can often be difficult to keep bridal showers, specifically, engaging and exciting beyond the gift opening and standard games. If your friends are the …continue reading

photo 1 13-06-05

7 Valentine’s Day gifts for the lady liquor lover (hint: they are WAY better than flowers)

From the time I began dating my husband, I told him emphatically NOT to get me red roses on Valentine’s Day. I’d much rather you not spend that exorbitant amount of money they cost, I told him, and also, you’d better be putting some more thought into a gift if you’re going to get me …continue reading


Five reasons to become a bottling volunteer at a craft distillery

by Chas Guy I never knew how much I truly loved whiskey until I startled bottling it at a craft distillery for free. That may sound funny, but hear me out… While interviewing Nicole Austin, master blender of Kings County Distillery for this Booze for Babes piece last summer, she told me volunteers often fill the bottles …continue reading