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2015-11-16 11.35.41

Make a homemade masala chai tea cocktail

When my husband, Jay and I went to northern India last fall, we weren’t expecting much of a cocktail or spirits scene (and it’s a good thing, because it turns out there isn’t one). There are a few Indian whiskies, such as Amrut, but they are sparsely distributed, hard to find and were expensive. Instead …continue reading


Make Martha Washington’s cherry bounce recipe

It’s Presidents Day – the day when our nation honors all the dudes who led our country to greatness. But here at Booze for Babes, I like to honor the women who helped them get there, too, so read on! (If you want to know how the presidents got sloshed, read my latest from the Daily Beast). …continue reading

2015-03-29 10.17.06

New survey reveals what millennials want in a Valentine’s date (hint: it involves booze)

Survey results released this week from Southern Comfort showed some interesting data about what millennials want in a Valentine’s Day date. The overwhelming result? THEY’VE GOT TO KNOW THEIR WAY AROUND A DRINK! This survey polled 1,001 male and female respondents between the ages of 21 and 34 who are not married and drink alcohol at …continue reading

Luxardo Aperitivo Spritz

Introducing…your new favorite July 4th cocktails, including “the Spritz”

July 4th isn’t just a time for celebration. In the spirit of our forefathers and fore-broads, it’s a time for reinvention, too. So what better way to enjoy the holiday than experimenting with new cocktails? I was back on WJLA/News Channel 8’s Let’s Talk Live last week to talk about cocktails that honor the cherry harvest season, …continue reading


5 things you need to know about vodka & the best brands you’ve never heard of

Of all the spirits I cover in my book Booze for Babes, the vodka one might have been the most fun to write. ‘But wait, I thought you were a whiskey woman,” you may ask? Because I came to it having completely dismissed it. The clear liquor is one of the most popular and bestselling in the …continue reading

Sky Juice 2

Most beach resort drinks may suck, but Bahamian ‘Sky Juice’ sure doesn’t

Has all of this wintry weather tempted you to book a ticket to the tropics? Good luck finding a good drink there. For my Daily Beast column this week, I wrote about why beach resort cocktails suck and how we can make them brilliant.Check out the piece for the answer, which includes tiki historical context and a few contemporary …continue reading

eggnog no text

Buy 2, get 1 signed ‘Booze for Babes’ book free (plus an amazingly easy eggnog recipe)

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s been a whirlwind of a launch year for Booze for Babes: the Smart Woman’s Guide to Drinking Spirits Right and now that we’re approaching the end, there’s finally time to reflect and soak it all in. Over the last year, I’ve been interviewed in several media outlets, invited to write a spirits column for …continue reading


How to build a complete home bar for $200 from the co-author of ’12 Bottle Bar’ (& the staples that will surprise you)

Home cocktail enthusiasts Lesley Jacobs Solmonson and her husband, David Solmonson, were frequently frustrated attempting cocktail recipes with hard-to-find ingredients. While practical in a high volume cocktail bar, $60 bottles of obscure spirits and liqueurs really had no place at home. “We thought, ‘this is ridiculous.’ And so we asked ourselves how could we teach …continue reading

Caitlyn Laman in a final round of the Speed Rack national finals

What it takes to bartend like a girl (i.e. a boss) from Speed Rack winner Caitlin Laman, plus how to make two of her standout cocktails

If there’s one thing you can learn from rugby, it’s how to sling drinks like a boss. At least that’s what Caitlin Laman, 30, accredits to becoming Miss Speed Rack USA in a national competition in May that I had the pleasure of attending while visiting NYC for master mezcalier training. Speed Rack is a ladies-only …continue reading

Screen shot 2014-07-08 at 2.55.55 PM

Why I’m judging the Merlet Sidecar Competition at Tales of the Cocktail, plus how to make a classic Sidecar at home

At my first book signing event last fall at Washington D.C.’s Jaleo, I led a tasting of four exquisite expressions by Camus Cognac and at the end, taught everyone how to make the Sidecar, which is one of my go-tos. Guests got to use their favorite expression (either VS, VSOP, XO or Ile de Ré) …continue reading