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Novo Fogo Barrel Aged

The Brazilian spirit you should be drinking during this Olympic games

Ever heard of cachaça? With the Olympics in Rio in full swing, now’s the time to delve in to the Brazilian rum. Cachaça (pronounced cah-sha-sa) is just an obscure spirit reserved only for the popular caipirinha, a staple Brazilian cocktail consisting of the sugarcane-based spirit, sugar, and lime. Instead, cachaça is a versatile liquor that …continue reading

2016-06-16 17.59.53

Gin for the Win: How to find your summer sipper

Summer often brings to mind gin, a light and crisp spirit that plays well with refreshing juices and punches. Gin’s roots stretch deep into the Middle Ages, when rudimentary versions of the juniper-forward spirit were popular herbal remedies. Today, gin has come a long way from its former reputation as “mothers’ ruin” and is refined …continue reading


Class up your tequila know-how this Cinco de Mayo

Many people do not realize that Cinco de Mayo is NOT a celebration of Mexican independence per se, but a commemoration of the victory of the Mexican army over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War of 1862. Don’t worry – this is not an inferior reason to party with tequila on May 5! But …continue reading

#15- zip top

How to travel with tipples

I never forget to bring good booze when I travel, especially to foreign countries where the selection can be sparse. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I love to jet-set. If adventure can be had and cocktails can be drunk, I’m there! When my husband, Jay and I recently visited Guatemala …continue reading

2015-03-29 10.17.06

New survey reveals what millennials want in a Valentine’s date (hint: it involves booze)

Survey results released this week from Southern Comfort showed some interesting data about what millennials want in a Valentine’s Day date. The overwhelming result? THEY’VE GOT TO KNOW THEIR WAY AROUND A DRINK! This survey polled 1,001 male and female respondents between the ages of 21 and 34 who are not married and drink alcohol at …continue reading

2015-06-16 14.58.06

2016: the Year of the Booze-Lovin’ Babe

It’s the perfect time of year. And NOT for the ever possible chance of a snowstorm that will shut down your city, or the ability to hibernate and watch movies without apology (although that part is pretty cool). But because it’s a time for reflection and optimism. 2015 was a monumental year of travel and …continue reading

The best El Capitan ever can be found at the Belmond Miraflores Park in Lima

Pump up your pisco knowledge this fall

First, I have to apologize for being the worst blogger ever. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, but I promise I have a good excuse. I’m hot off of a really busy, travel-filled summer full of boozy delights that I can’t wait to share with you over the coming weeks. In June, I …continue reading

Jameson Irish Whiskey

This St. Patrick’s Day, give Irish whiskey more than just a ‘shot’

If St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a big deal to you, it should be. And not because it’s the day you go out to the pub in your “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt for green beer. But because it’s a day you can go out and try new, refined Irish whiskeys you didn’t even know existed. I …continue reading


5 things you need to know about vodka & the best brands you’ve never heard of

Of all the spirits I cover in my book Booze for Babes, the vodka one might have been the most fun to write. ‘But wait, I thought you were a whiskey woman,” you may ask? Because I came to it having completely dismissed it. The clear liquor is one of the most popular and bestselling in the …continue reading


Fashion model, Phd, homeschool teacher and distillery owner: is there anything Koval Distillery’s Sonat Birnecker can’t do?

Sonat Birnecker can do it all. The co-owner of Chicago-based Koval Distillery, she’s most recently built a reputable brand that makes brandy, whiskeys, gin, vodka and liqueurs with her husband, Robert, while consulting DOZENS of would-be distillers on the trials and tribulations of booze making. But she also bought herself a master’s degree from Oxford and a PhD from …continue reading