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Novo Fogo Barrel Aged

The Brazilian spirit you should be drinking during this Olympic games

Ever heard of cachaça? With the Olympics in Rio in full swing, now’s the time to delve in to the Brazilian rum. Cachaça (pronounced cah-sha-sa) is just an obscure spirit reserved only for the popular caipirinha, a staple Brazilian cocktail consisting of the sugarcane-based spirit, sugar, and lime. Instead, cachaça is a versatile liquor that …continue reading

2015-11-16 11.35.41

Make a homemade masala chai tea cocktail

When my husband, Jay and I went to northern India last fall, we weren’t expecting much of a cocktail or spirits scene (and it’s a good thing, because it turns out there isn’t one). There are a few Indian whiskies, such as Amrut, but they are sparsely distributed, hard to find and were expensive. Instead …continue reading


Fashion model, Phd, homeschool teacher and distillery owner: is there anything Koval Distillery’s Sonat Birnecker can’t do?

Sonat Birnecker can do it all. The co-owner of Chicago-based Koval Distillery, she’s most recently built a reputable brand that makes brandy, whiskeys, gin, vodka and liqueurs with her husband, Robert, while consulting DOZENS of would-be distillers on the trials and tribulations of booze making. But she also bought herself a master’s degree from Oxford and a PhD from …continue reading