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Can ‘the Love Bite’ take all? Top DJs to judge the Taste Prince George’s Best in Glass competition

Next Monday, June 23, I’ll be competing in a semifinal round of the Taste Prince George’s Best in Glass competition. It’s my first bartending competition EVER, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only competitor who doesn’t actually work in a bar or restaurant. But I’m confident I can knock this out of the park, so come out to support me if you can! This event is going to be extra awesome because the judges are deejays: DJ NONCHALANTDJ NeekolaDJ DnittyDJ Bobby Rox and DJ Xplosive to be exact, with host, DJ, rapper and beat boxer Biz Markie (remember Just a Friend?  I LOVE this 1989 vid).

The competition will be taking place about 20 minutes south of Washington, D.C. at Proud Mary Waterfront Restaurant and Bar at 13600 King Charles Terrace in Fort Washington, MD from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The winner of this round will compete against two other semifinalists at Six Flags America for the Taste Prince George’s Food & Wine Festival on August 23. 


I don’t want to give away the cocktail recipe I’ll be entering just yet – you need to come to taste and check it out! But here are a few hints:

  1. I created this drink in May while doing master mezcalier training through COMERCAM and the Consejo Regulador de Mezcal at Hecho en Dumbo in New York City.
  2. Scorpion MezcalMerlet and Scrappy’s Bitters are sponsoring me.
  3. I’m partnering with Mary O’Malley Chocolatier in Annapolis for an extra special and extra local twist on the cocktail.
  4. Each competitor was assigned a different seasonal ingredient, and mine is blackberry.
  5. The drink is called “the Love Bite.”

Get your $15 tickets now, which includes entrance with plenty of good music and a cocktail from each of the competitors! In the meantime, I’ve got some sucking up to do to these deejays…can anyone teach me how to spin?





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